Friday, September 16, 2011

2 years...too fast?

Wow. I really can't believe 2 years has really, truly passed. I am ECSTATIC that T will be home so soon....yet completely nervous at the same time. How does that work I ask you?! I have butterflies, peeps, serious butterflies! They make me feel happy go lucky, twitterpaited, and all, "YAY, he's here, he's here, finally I'll see that sweet smile and handsome, big brown eyes!!!" then the next minute they make me feel all sick inside like "woah life just passed by really quickly and I am terrified of this spiritual giant RM standing in front of me." I'm a mess I tell ya. TOTAL MESS! But mostly it's all feelings of excitement. Excitement to see what's next for us, to catch up on the last two years of growth, and to reminisce of the several times and reasons of me wanting to wait for this incredible young man in the first place. I feel really blessed and humbled to say that our friendship/relationship has pretty much always been low stress, so why should now be any different, right? I'm not exactly sure of what to expect, so I'm just going into it with no expectations. Life will pan out just as it should, regardless of my expectations or hopes and dreams, anyway. (But I'll tell you a secret...I have a pretty good feeling-NOT expectation- of what may happen next...but we shall see in due time. *wink*)



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

27 days, yo.

So I haven't blogged in ages...and I always make lame excuses/ say I'm going to change my bloggin' ways. Well- no excuses this time. And no promises. But I felt as though an update was necessary this evening- since my journaling talent is also non-existent. Some things just need documenting, so instead of wasting my evening away on (i'm totally addicted.) I will write a quick post documenting life as of late.

- first and foremost on my mind...T COMES HOME IN 27 DAYS! I can hardly contain myself!! It's a bundle of nervousness and anticipation and excitement all in one. Can't wait to see where life will go.
-I am now a SEE student for Dixie State College with the school district. I am in a 1st grade class with 18 of the coolest kids in all of Washington County. I am LOVING it! It's nice to be in a position that I value/ feel valued in return. Yay for moving on in my career path!
-college classes are back in full swing...yipee- NOT. I'm so over going to classes. However, this semester should go quick, and be a good one nonetheless so I'll stop complainin'

And that does it for a quick post. That's all I feel like saying 'til next time I feel bored and in need of a post. peace out!

Kisses, Whit

Thursday, March 31, 2011


So it has been ages since my last post. I'm just going to confess/admit that I am TERRIBLE at this blogging thing. I always say I'm going to get better, but let's face it...I probably will not, but miracles can and do happen... so we shall see.
As of late:

-I am in my last semester of junior year. 1 year to go and I'll be a full-fledge teacher! Hooray!

-I'm obsessed with reading other people's blogs. My favorites include: nienie, reagan, bridget, and cjane. Just to name a few... these ladies are like blogging queens I tell ya! Their posts are comical, inspiring, and just plain ol' fun to read. Plus they have all the silly pizazz and vintage flair that I just adore. Check em out.

-I LOVE my institute class this semester. I am taking a Book of Mormon course, and it is so insightful. Folks, that book is true. Truer than anything I've ever read, and I know it. I know it because I have felt it time and time again. Don't knock it 'til you read it, apply it, and pray about it. I'm telling you, there is no denying it.

-I've met some new friends in the past few months, and I rather enjoy meeting new friends. As well as seeing old ones. Ah friends and family- what would I do without you?!

Well for now I am through. There is just a glimpse at what interests me lately. School, church, people, and blogs. Oh yeah...and letters. I can't forget about those lovely notes that get sent and come in from the East coast. Still lovin those as well. Until next time, have a wonderful time! Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say next time...again, we shall see.

Kisses, Whit


Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am not my best self.
I stress out entirely more than necessary.
I don't balance life like I want.
I am reminded I am blessed.
I feel comfort in small ways.
I am happy and get back on track.
Last week was one of those crazy "sometimes...but then" kind of weeks. I was really struggling to:
Get homework done, eat healthy, get some exercise in, read scriptures, say prayers, yada yada yada...basically everything I know I need to and I want to get done just wasn't really getting done effectively, if at all. Add to that the annoyance of dumb happenings throughout the week and you have an upset, stressed out, whining Whitney. And then of course the stress kicks in, then guilt, then tears, then venting to my mom (this time it happened to be my dad as mom was playing in Scottsdale...venting to dad isn't so bad afterall, although I still missed you mom! I'll vent to you both now...buahaha.) Back to the story: This isn't a new occurance or anything, but nevertheless still completely unwelcomed.
Dads really do know how to listen and say just the thing you need to hear. Especially my dad. It was thoughtful, hilarious, and really helped me change my attitude. Then my mom returned from Scottsdale to spend some time with me- so fun! Amazing what some laughter, cupcakes, and working on a stupid assignment until 1 AM with your mother will do for a girl. Try it sometime. My parents are the GREATEST. I was finally beginning to calm down from the stresses, but still feeling like I just can't balance everything in life out quite right.
You all know I love getting mail..obviously. It's the only way of communicating with my best pal across the country. Without really knowing the extent of what is going on in my life, this is the advice he chose to include in his short letter. "So let me give you words from an apostle, Elder Bednar. We met him awhile back and we got to ask him questions. One question was asked 'How do you keep everything balanced in your life?' And this is what he said, 'You can't keep it all balanced together. It's impossible. It's like those Chinese people who spin plates on a stick. They have a stick with a plate spinning at the top and they put it on their leg. Then they add another one. They see the first on starting to fall so they go back and spin that one. Then back to the second one. Then they add a third one. They can not spin them all at the same time, it's one by one.'"
And that my friends is exactly what he wrote and exactly what I needed to hear. For real. How does he do that?? Answer to my prayers. Just goes to show that Heavenly Father is listening and will answer us in the strangest of ways. (Or through your best friend who is oddly connected to you and your needs...) But there you have it folks, ya can't balance life. It's impossible. I just gotta do the best I can with making time and focusing on one thing at a time. Whew...glad I finally have that understood.
Thanks for checking in on me, I hope you haven't been bored to tears with this post. Here is hoping that you all can work on one plate at a time. Love you all!
Kisses, Whit

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogging Slacker

Hi peeps!
Sorry for my absence...
I just haven't felt like blogging lately.
But I suppose now is the time to jump back on the bliggity bloggity band wagon.
We'll see how long this lasts...:)
News as of late:
I took two fantastic trips to
my MOST favorite summer destination- LAKE POWELL
Let me just say that they were quite dandy.
Fun-filled, sun-filled, all around great time!
Spent a few days in good ol' Kanab-
Cheering my awesome sis in her softball games.
She can rock those softball pants like no one else! haha
That cute little preemie is too cute and talented for her own good!
Headed to Davis, CA to say adios to my cousin, Braden.
He is serving the Lord for 2 years in Budapest, Hungary!
Yay Beeda!! I can't believe we are that old now.
Wiscombe cousins+awesome Davis=
Many weekends I traveled to my other
most favorite place to be...HOME!
I love my family so much- they rock.
And they are stuck with me for an eternity,
buahahaha--lucky me! :)
Being away from them has made me appreciate them
much more than I could have ever imagined.
My parents are the best people I know,
and I could not ask for better friends than my sisters.
Can I just say how blessed I am?! Seriously.
School has now started...bring on the dirt poorness.
Orientation: check.
Meet practicum teacher: check.
1st day of classes: check.
$300+ in textbooks: check.
$1700 tuition: check.
Yikes, talk about stressful semester!!
I can't help but wonder if I am ready for all of it-
Yes, I am so excited to be in the Elem. Ed. Program finally
That is what this whole college gig is all about anyway!
BUT I am feeling overwhelmed
by all that being in the program entails.
it's gonna be a whammy!
If you have a prayer to spare for me,
I'd sure appreciate it, thanks! :)
Other news: I feel old.
My goodness 20 should not feel so old!
But many of my friends are:
a. married
b. engaged
c. havin kidlets
You choose one and I'll name a friend(s)
who it applies to. It is craziness I tell ya!
Don't get me wrong, I am pretty happy with life as it is!
but I'm getting left behind a bit...we are too young!!
Congrats to all of them though
I am excited for them all! :D
Well folks, there you have it.
The rundown of my life details in a nutshell.
Kisses, Whit
P.S. T is doing well teachin' and a-preachin',
Letters still go out, letters still come in
Just thought I'd let ya'll know :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is Whit.
Here is Allie.
They are cousins.
They love to get together.
See Whit smile.
See Allie smile.
Picture taken.
Hear Whit laugh.
Hear Allie laugh.
Picutre looks goofy...
New picture(s) taken...
Somewhat presentable.
Where is Aryn?
She makes our trio complete.
Thats why we can't get a perfect picture.
Oh well...maybe next time.
Here is to good times with cousins!!
I love them dearly!!
Kisses, Whit
P.S. I hope you all have as much fun with your cousins as I do with mine! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

life is good

not too much happening in this neck of the woods
but life is oh so good.
Fun things done as of late:
-letters continue to roll in from NC
-visit from a dear friend, Noelle, for a few days
before she heads to Alaska for 18 months
which included:
cuppycakes at 25 main
shopping for stylish accessories
disney movies
fabulous memories
-Sunday spent with my adored extended family
-fun with the roomies each and everyday
-sunny STG is finally getting its summer warmth
-creating memories with old and new friends
-finals are in and grades are good
There are so many more reasons for life being so good
But these are some of the fun things that have filled my days lately.
Kisses, Whit